Our MOKU series is made by hollowing out natural wood.
The beautiful grains of these unique bags will add elegance to any outfit.

Luxuriant and lustrous roundness
created using masterful techniques

The making of our products starts with the selection of the raw wood by craftspeople who are well versed in all aspects of their craft, including the manifestation of the wood grain. They may be an overwhelming presence, but the form of our products, which are somehow cute and round, is the result of masterful techniques.

Just carrying this bag finished with layers of black lacquer (Fuki-Urushi)
enhances your outfit

The Japanese chestnut wood grain of this classical bag shines even more thanks to its layers of black lacquer. It will add a touch of polished elegance to your normal outfits.

With its silk-like luster and dainty clasp,
even this small product offers a star-like aura

This bag is made of Japanese horse chestnut with beautiful crepe grain. Thanks to its chain strap, this product suits both formal and casual settings, so you can use it on different occasions.

*As wood is a natural material, the grain of each bag will be different.
Please be aware of this before you order.